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Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal

If you see a swarm of honey bees, do not panic or spray them with poison!

Please call a beekeeper.

What is a honey bee swarm?
Swarming is the process by which honey bee colonies reproduce to form new colonies. When a honey bee colony outgrows its home, the queen leaves the hive with about half of the workers in a massive cloud of flying bees and finds a nearby tree or structure. The swarm will rest there for several hours or up to three days while scout bees find a new home to move to. When honey bees are swarming, they are not quite as defensive as they are when defending an established hive.
If disturbed or agitated, the bees will defend the swarm and the queen; please keep your distance and call a beekeeper.


The primary swarm season is between March and May.

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